2020 • UX/UI designer for User Studio

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Graphic design • UX design
Sketch• Figma

As part of my internship at User Studio, I could think of supports for a co-creation workshop according to the established objectives. Design is a fuzzy field for clients sometimes, that's why the co-creation workshop is a good exercise in order to think together to a well-designed service and how to take advantage of service design?
Through different exercises, the participants question their project. First, the excercises can appear shifted or blurred, it's important to give way for inspiration and exploration to emerge new proposals. Their respective experiences and the lessons of each give rise to a common vision of the project, more in line with those who implement it and those who have to use it. Don't be afraid to go back and forth between possibilities and problems, confront it and constantly question the ideas proposed. It's necessary to iterate by drawing for example to refine the details of the service offered.

Sylvie Nguyen, design, UX/UI design, biotopia, estienne, interactive designer, ux design