User testing of a purchasing terminal

2020 • UX/UI designer for User Studio

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UX design
Sketch • Figma

Whether digital or tangible, a service must always be tested with the users concerned. As a part of my job for User Studio and others, I participated in many user testings. This step follows the prototyping phase and will have an impact on the implementation of the final service. The testers are chosen about profiles established by user research. Confronting your prototype with the public allows you to collect different opinions but also to test the readability of your user flows. It’s a key step in the user experience.

In this case, our client was a French transport company. The objective was to design the platform of ticket purchase. I participated in user testings, realised test protocols, and prototyped interactive screens in English to improve the user experience of tourists. I will be able to talk more about this project during an interview.

What I can do:
-Design wireframes, user flows, graphic tests
-Prototype a full-scale model and interactive screens
-Conduct user testings and learn from them in order to improve the user experience

Sylvie Nguyen, design, UX/UI design, biotopia, estienne, interactive designer, ux design